Connect 6


Part of The Connect Range of acoustic pods.

A perfect solution to allow up to 6 people to comfortably meet, host a video conference, problem solve, confer in privacy without distraction or disturbing others. Modular and transferrable, furnished or unfurnished, the options are endless.


Furnished with a white table and 2 comfortable sofas with armrest which are available in a range of colours. Fitted with a TV bracket and an optional upgrade of a media package if required. A smart yet comfortable interior.

Exterior Dimensions

D2250 x W2176 x H2300 (mm)

Exterior Colour Options

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For ordering, you can either use our online quote tool where one of our team will get back to you within 24 working hours. If you have more questions regarding the Connect 6 or any of our other pods then please contact us here or call Go Pod on 0330 174 7888.


Sound Insulated

In our designing process, we fully utilize acoustic simulation software such as INSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC to iterate and obtain optimal acoustic performance.

Our booth is consistent with the standard of environmental rating Design value: Rw+Ctr 30 db (+5 db) and RT0.75 s (+0.1 s).


Low noise air ventilation system with maze-like internal layout to ensure necessary air circulation in three minutes, while preserving soundproofing attributes of the booth.


Equipped with a 4000K daylight colour temperature LED lighting system (150 LX), it would satisfy the needs of normal activities. In the event of additional power requirements, a backup power supply is readily installed inside the pod.


Our booth is equipped with a 12 V-USB power supply and power rated for 100-220V/50HZ, complying with common equipment requirements.