Our Company

About Go Pod.

Go Pods mission statement is to bring “Privacy on Demand “and “Support the new hybrid way of working”. We want to enable anyone and everyone that wants some privacy or peace of mind. You can use our Pods for this very same thing, get away from distractions and give yourself your own personal space. We genuinely believe that using these Pods supports not only one’s productivity but also your overall mental health and happiness, that is truly why Go Pod exists.

We’re experts in anything and everything Pod related. If we’re honest as a company, we have a few sides to us. Firstly, we are teaming up with carefully selected venues to bring our Pods, Smart lock handle and App to the masses and enable people to access our Pods via our app and booking system. This enables someone to use a Pod in one of these locations and what more they can do this at only a fraction of the cost compared to paying for a meeting room. The other side to Go Pod is simply selling these Pods to you directly.

A Little Of Our Story

Go Pod is a relatively new company, in fact there wouldn’t be a Go Pod without its big brother is Go Installations. Go Installations is an office furniture installations company that has been trading for over 12 years. Go Installations Ltd is a multi-faceted installation group of companies which specialise in the domestic and commercial sectors of business. As part of the Safe Contractor Approval scheme they store, deliver and install high-end office furniture (including Pods) across the UK and Europe working with some of the world’s top businesses and brands. Go Pod has the power of Go Installations Warehouse, Transport, Electrical and Furniture Installation companies behind it. This means we can not only supply Pods but we can Store, Deliver and Install them as well.

Go Pods core values are to always be open and honest, ensure accountability and to ultimately provide world class customer experiences.